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What is the Turbo Trading Community?

Suited To All Types of Traders...

...whether you are a novice trader looking to get started or an experienced pro.  For the novice, we can guide your learning experience to help ensure success by clearly showing every step of a trade every time.  For the experienced trader, our expert moderators have sound trading ideas in many areas of the market; day trades, swing trades, OTC and short sale trades, dip buying and options. There are, every day, a myriad of trading ideas to meet even the most seasoned traders’ criteria.  Our live commentary and screen share ensure that you are current with every idea we have to share.  Our moderators will suggest trade entry prices, stop loss prices and prices targets.  For a novice/intermediate trader, we will take away all the guess work and let you tap into the experience of our pro traders.  If you choose, you will be able to trade alongside them with all the same information and enter and exit strategies.   


Subscribers will receive, along with the live trading, a nightly watch list for the next day, morning fresh ideas, starting 1 hour before markets open, showing the hottest stocks and how to trade them, webinars and training videos.  Also, traders will have the ability to chat with moderators on a one on one basis.  Your experience will be well rounded with the expertise of our community and their trading ideas.  Very quickly you will discover that the Turbo Trading Room is your go to place for quality ideas and sound trading tools.

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Robert Knight
Bob Knight

Head Trader

Day Trade Chat Moderator

Bob Knight is the Founder and President of, a community for trader education. As TurboTrading’s Day Trader Chat Moderator, he draws on his 30+ years of experience in the markets. Bob’s trading and corporate experience, and Master of Business Administration (MBA), give him deep insight into how markets function and how traders think. Bob is the author of countless SEC documents prepared for public companies. Therefore, he can guide TurboTrading members through trading documents and garner essential information quickly and easily.

Three decades in trading meant surviving both bull and bear markets. Bob traded every hot sector in their heyday, including precious metals, oil,, OTC pumps, biotech, and blockchain. He is well-versed in long and short with no specific preference, other than a bias toward the market trend. Robert Knight gives it to you straight and is very good at making calls. He called the Bull Market before the 2020 election. As of January 2021, Bob’s account with our partner, Trade Exchange, had a 72% success rate since its inception in March 2020.

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Tyler - Swing Trade and Options Moderator

Swing Trade and Options Moderator

Ty is our Swing Trade & Options Moderator. Tyler became interested in the stock market after his and his co-workers’ 401k’s almost disappeared during the 2008 stock market crash. He decided to learn more about stock trading to take control of his investment. He began trading part-time while working for corporate America: going from penny stocks to blue chips. 


Through the course of eight years, Ty learned the ups and downs of the market. He made and lost a lot of money. He started making consistent income through stock trading and went full-time in 2016. Ty’s areas of expertise are long-term investments, short-term swing trading, and options trading.


Tyler runs TurboTrading’s Flash Option Program. This time-saving program is an opportunity to trade options in just a few minutes per week. Ty picks an option “credit spread” and sends it out as an alert on Friday mornings. Learn more about Ty's Flash Option Program and how to subscribe.

our story
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Turbo Trading Logo
Our Story
Our Story

Turbo Trading Corp was founded in 2018 by Robert Knight, MBA. His vision was to enable day traders, swing traders and later, option traders to connect under the guidance of expert moderators.

He worked with a small staff to build out a website and tools, including a daily webinar, email marketing, chat rooms, databases, videos, members-only content and later, SMS/Texts. Soon the chat rooms were starting to fill up with both hand-picked moderators and traders at all levels.

Turbo Trading has developed a reputation for making good calls, and the numbers speak for themselves. Turbo Trading has consistently made more than 70% winning calls. No matter the market, bear or bull, Bob Knight and the moderators at Turbo Trading are skilled at finding the trades. Members may choose to simply observe, or place trades as they wish. 

Moving forward, we are poised for growth. And we hope to see you in the trading room. Please reach out to us with any questions.

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