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"Having been a proud Turbo Trader for getting close to 3 years...I thought it was a good time to thank you once again for all you do for all of us at Turbo Trading...In my view, Turbo Trading is still the best place to be out there in the trading world, and I expect it always will be. Thanks again for that and everything."

— T V

"I rarely talk about my trading journey that started over 4 years ago & have been through a variety of up's & downs but today marks a true lifetime milestone my first five figure day, couldn't have done it without."

— C R

"Wanted to share my swing updates. My account from May 1st to today is up 46%. Really amazing work on those swings. I refer everyone I know to your room. You are the best out there. Congrats."

— Island Bear 11/23/2020

"In my experience, I had subscribed to many many services but none of them matched your honesty and humbleness in treating customers and also educating the members."

— K S

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More From Our Members

"I was blown away. I learned so much about the market! I was a little hesitant as I am not looking for an alert system but this is so much more. Ironman is just that--IRON!"

— kowality8

"You are a very passionate trader bob.  I love your live commentaries and trade alerts.   And I like the way you want to make a true traders out of everyone in the chat room. That’s a hard act to follow...."

— Foxy_trader

"Bob, you are a 'Must Have' for anyone trying to reach their highest level of success. Your chat rooms calls are so easy to use with such a high level of experience . . . Thanks Man!"

— TCannon

"Amazing bob. I have referred all the traders looking to swing to your room. You are the absolute best at swings.  I am joining back this month to focus on swings with your guidance and education."

— J K