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Option Program

Save Time! Options Trade in Minutes a Week.

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  • You don't have much time to manage your positions. A few minutes several times a week all you have.

  • You don't want to stare at the computer all day.

  • You want to set up the trades and go on with your daily routines.

  • You are looking to build wealth using a consistent winning strategy with a high probability option trade.

  • You want to use a strategy that should make you additional income in a low-stress, known-risk trade.

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Flash Option Alert every Friday morning. Set up the trade in the morning and collect your premium at the end of the day. On Friday mornings, after the market opens, we will send out a suggested trade setup. If there is more than one high probability setup, as a bonus, we may send out an additional idea at the same time.

Weekly Single: Monday Mornings.

Weekly Credit Alert: Friday Afternoons

Monthly Alert: 1st day of each month

Plus bonus alerts.

You pick and choose which ideas to follow up on.

Minimize your risk with 75% probability odds for a successful trade.​​


Subscribe to TurboTrading's Flash Option Program for just $79/month. You can cancel at any time before the next charge.

Set up your phone or computer to receive notifications from our exclusive "Flash Program Channel" on Flock. Spend a few minutes reviewing our suggested trade setups. If you decide to act, set up the trade.

On average, most subscribers will choose to follow up on 2 to 4 trades a month. You will also get access to our Option Trading Room chat channel.

This program is limited to a maximum of 200 members.

You will need at least a $2000 margin account with approved level 2 options trading at your broker. We suggest TDAmeritrade or TradeStation, if you are going to start a new account.

If you're under PDT rule, leave 1 day trade on Friday in case we need to close out the trade early. Otherwise, we just let the trade expires worthless and collect our premium, so that it doesn't count as 1 day trade.

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Flash Option Program Highlights

October Thru December 2022 (Q4)


Turbo Trading’s Flash Option Program continues to nail the trades, even in a bear market.



  • Flash Option Alert: Friday mornings

  • Weekly Credit Alert: Friday Afternoons

  • Weekly Single: Monday Mornings

  • Monthly Alert: 1st day of each month

  • Plus bonus alerts


You pick and choose which setups to follow up on.

Watch This Video on the Flash Option Program

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What is TurboTrading?

The TurboTrading Flash Option Program is offered by the Moderators at TurboTrading Corp. These expert moderators run a chat room and live webinar every trading day for members. In TurboTrading's first 4 years, they have a consistent record of 72% winning trades. The TurboTrading Flash Option Program is their latest membership, designed for traders who do not have time to monitor the markets throughout the trading week.

If you are interested in our other memberships, see our Subscriptions page.

Robert Bob Knight
Robert Knight, MBA

has been in the markets for over 30 years from investing in and trading the markets to running public companies. 


Tyler (Ty)

began trading part-time while working for corporate America. He learned the up and down of the market. Two years ago, he started making consistent income through stock trading and went full-time in 2016.
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