Option Program

Save Time! Options Trade in Minutes a Week.

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For the first 100 subscribers who sign up for this program, we will send out suggestions on option overnight or swing trades when we spot them.

What is TurboTrading?

The TurboTrading Flash Option Program is offered by the Moderators at TurboTrading Corp. These 5 expert moderators run a chat room and live webinar every trading day for members. In TurboTrading's 2.5 years, they have sustained a consistent record of 71% winning trades. The TurboTrading Flash Option Program is their latest membership, designed for traders who do not have time to monitor the markets throughout the trading week.

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Robert Knight, MBA

has been in the markets for over 30 years from investing in and trading the markets to running public companies. 

Jeff (Ironman or BayTrader)

developed his own unique way of charting, and after 4 years, this chart system remains the foundation of his trading style. 

Tyler (Ty)

began trading part-time while working for corporate America. He learned the up and down of the market. Two years ago, he started making consistent income through stock trading and went full-time in 2016.

A Case Study . . . By Ty

Ty applied this method with the following results:


Starting Balance: $1,933

Closing Balance: $4,295

Profit (1 month): $2,360