Bob Knight Interviewed in "Beyond the PDT" Podcast

Turbo Trading co-founder Bob Knight is the guest on Episode 003 of "Beyond the PDT -The Final Trading Frontier" podcast. The title of this 48-minute podcast is "The Bottom, The Top, and the Rest Inbetween."

Hosts Bryce Tuohey and Matthew Monaco interview Bob Knight who is better known as TurboBob on Twitter and Profit dot ly. Bob's consistency as a day trader is well known and his trading record has stood the test of time. By following his philosophy to sell some shares at the bottom, some at the top and the rest in the middle, Bob continues to take money out of the financial markets on a daily basis.

Currently, Bob is the head trader in the TurboTrading room where he works with traders of all skill levels to become consistently profitable traders. Focusing on less-risky trend-based strategies and defined risk to reward ratios, Bob and his team are a great place to start for any new trader.

Beyond the PDT is an educational podcast that seeks out day traders who are honing their craft and making it in the trading world. Through informal interviews, the team behind Beyond the PDT expose the hard work, dedication and obsession needed to become a successful day trader.

This podcast is available on multiple streaming and podcast apps include Spotify. See the complete list of episodes and channels on the Beyond the PDT website.