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Bob Knight Picks Tilray $TLRY and It Rises 123%

Tilray was the first cannabis company to trade publicly on a major US stock exchange, NASDAQ, in 2018 ($TLRY). The company boasts a wide variety of cannabis formats in multiple countries.

TurboTrading Founder Robert Knight picked $TLRY on the TradeExchange app. The stock was up 123% in the past 6 weeks as of January 29, 2021.

Knight said, "With the new administration now confirmed, the Feds are now more likely to legalize pot. As such, there is keen speculation that the sector will show strong growth over the next 2 years. TLRY is one of the main players and is lagging. Look for it to catch up with the rest of the sector, especially compared to CGC."

The pick was featured in Trade Exchange's "Top Trades - Late January."

What is Trade Exchange?

Robert Knight
Robert Knight, president of

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