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Video: Day Trade Moderator Bob Knight Interviewed by Trade Exchange Founder, Mike Anton

Trade Exchange is a marketplace full of expert traders sharing their trading ideas on the platform. Bob Knight is one of Trade Exchange's experts and the Day Trade Moderator for, an online trading community. Mr. Knight has proven to be one of the top stock pickers on the Trade Exchange app. He was recently featured as Trade Exchange's #1 top performer for his aggressive trades and overall success. The founder of Trade Exchange, Mike Anton, interviewed Bob about his success and trading mentality in this video published on Feb 24, 2021 (1Q2021).

Bob approaches stocks in a cool and analytical manner. He focuses on what's hot, and trending and 70% of Bob's ideas shared on Trade Exchange have been winners. His most recent big winners are TLRY, BNGO, and FCEL.

Watch the full interview below:

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