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Day Trade Results So Far: Noon on 3/16/23

The moderators in the Turbo Trading Chat Room had a successful morning on March 16, 2023. Check out these Day Trade Results so far:

$AAPL - $153 entry alert gave a nice move to near our $155 target.

$AMZN - $94 entry alert gives a $6+ win for members

$MSFT - Solid $7+ gain from our $266 entry alert.

$NFLX - Huge win from the $305 entry alert. Stock adds $10!

$NVDA - Another huge winner with a $243 entry. Adds $7 to trade to $250.

Did You Know? TurboTrading Day Trade Members get the full Stocks to Watch list, daily webinar with live trades, our library of 500 educational trading videos, expert commentary, swing trade alerts, ten chat rooms, option alerts, and more. We also have a membership plan for Swing Traders and a separate Flash Option Program. Start with a free trial of the Day/Swing Trader Membership or a trial of the Flash Option Program.

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