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Bitcoin: A Kick to the Groin. Editorial Video by Robert Knight June 15 2021

On Tuesday, June 15th 2021, TurboTrading's Head Trader, Robert Knight, MBA offered his expert opinion and analysis of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. This free video is aimed at Day Traders, Swing Trader, and anyone interested in trading cryptocurrency. Watch the entire video below:

This video is strictly editorial.

What the advantages and disadvantages of Altcurrencies? TurboTrading’s Head Trader, Robert Knight, MBA, offers detailed information about how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work. What does the future of Bitcoin look like? Why does it feel like a kick in the groin? How big are the risks?

UPDATE JUNE 22, 2021: Just as Robert Knight predicted in this video, today Bitcoin is down a quarter of its value on May 19. Bitcoin went from about $40,000 to $29,300.

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