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Here is How We Catch the Big Trades - Video and Transcript

$NURO trade analysis by Robert Knight on August 27, 2021. Straight from Turbo Trading's Stocks to Watch list, head trader Robert Knight, MBA explains how he was able to predict a successful trade with $NURO. For more up-to-date trader information and a daily Stocks to Watch list, become a member at

Transcript Below Video:

This is a swing trade alert for $NURO. We just put a swing on this stock this morning. It did pop off this 10 support off the 50-day-moving average and traded to $14.23 is now $13.40. That has a little float around five, five and a half million shares. Outstanding. So this seems to be the area of sweet spot right now.

There are a few like this $SPRT popping. A few others really went as $GOC.

Really, it has broken out of a wedge, but down trending channel like this, it did hold the 50-day-moving average pop. So, you know, it's very highly speculative to those who take a small position, but it could run 16 and a half 19. 21, all numbers for a $NURO.


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