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Highlight: 150% ROI in 1 Hour - Successful Trade of $FSLR April 28, 2023

Turbo Trading's Tyler made a successful trade of $FSLR. Here is the transcript from the chat room.

$FSLR April 28 $185 puts from $5 to $12.50, 150% ROI in an hour.

[28/04/2023 9:12 AM] Ty Moderator: Friday Flash: $FSLR> $185 April 28 $185 call trade to $190-$192. Risk $1.50. Rejection at $190 or below $183.50 ATM puts trade every $2.50 down, risk $1.50

[9:35 AM] $FSLR puts scale out $181 and $177.50, then $175

[9:43 AM] $FSLR next stop is $172.50

[9:44 AM] stop now > $180

[9:50 AM] $FSLR will be locking in all at $170 area

[9:51 AM] stop now > $176

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