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Video: How to Manage Turbo Trading Swing Trades

New members at TurboTrading are especially interested in our Swing Trade Alerts. These nuggets of valuable trading ideas are released multiple times each trading day to members. Learning how to do swing trading effectively takes time and patience. Bob Knight created the video below to orient new members on how TurboTrading distributes swing trade alerts, the science and art of swing trading, and more.

Members of the Swing Trader Membership at are alerted of swing trades through 4 different methods:

  1. Swing trade alert and trading room channels on Flock as a new alert (all bold) or updating a previous alert (only the symbol is bold).

  2. SMS alert (you will need to sign up for SMS texts)

  3. Swing Trade database on the members' section of the website

  4. As an email sent out to everyone subscribed to our email list. This method will not provide you with information on what to buy and where to stop. Members can click through to see such details in the Swing Trade Alert Database.

Swing trading is not an exact science. Bob Knight will put in a range, as you may not be able to buy it at the same price he got it for. It is recommended that you not buy it above the suggested entry price range, as there would be too much risk involved. You can always take a half position or a quarter of a position. Just don't chase them outside of the range.

Managing the Risk

The stocks that we're taking most often are volatile. We're looking for stocks with the potential for big moves. And we usually get them, but there's a lot of risks involved.

You have to manage these yourself. Turbo Trading puts out ideas with price targets and a suggestion of where to stop. Bob suggests you put an alert for 50 cents below the price target and 50 cents above the stop. Members are welcome to participate in the TurboTrading community on Flock and watch the daily webinar.

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