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How to Tell Heavily Promoted Stocks That Will End Up at $0 - Video and Transcription

Robert Knight: This is just a quick video on how to spot a heavily promoted stock that, most likely, is going to go to zero. ... It's a pattern and they're all the same. And just so you can see, it's not the stock pattern that's the problem. It's how they are promoted on the internet that shows that it's going to go to zero. Anyways, a year ago, I was looking at this stock $GRNF, because it was highly promoted with the pot stocks and they money. It had no filings but it had a $250 million market cap at 80 cents. So I wrote about this on Twitter and such, and...of course I got bashed by the promoters, but it had all the classic signs and all those poor people that...followed it got buried.

And...we don't want this to happen to any of our members [at]. Here it was at 80 cents as was a year ago. What the promoters were saying is they had these five or 10 business combinations. It was going to be...pot banking and pot delivery by drones and pot, this pot that. ... Of course, the pot market was hot at the time. Here are some of the signs that occurred. First of all, ... the promoter behind it, the CEO, whenever you start to see stocks promoted with a religious base. So I mean, one of the... biggest red flags for me is when they start talking about their religious faith and, you know, God said this and god said that, and the big one, "God bless you".

And that's one of the things. But also the other one is where the promoters also start talking about how much they value their investors, and keep the faith. And this is going to go, and I know we're a bit delayed, but, just keep the faith. Then all of the, I guess, the other promoters that were being paid ... to promote the stock ... bashing everybody that doesn't like the stock and saying the CEO is ... on fire. He's telling us all these great things and they just keep going on and on and on. And all they're doing is distributing their stock. And matter of fact, when it was trading here at 80 cents, I posted [on Twitter @turbobob129]. I said, this thing is going to zero before it goes to $2 and, the promoters came on, saying you probably shorted the stock and you shouldn't bash it.

And all these things, I was just trying to warn people. And one guy said, I'm going to take a screenshot of this. And when this is at $2, I'm going to repost it so you can see how wrong you were. And I said, Hey, God bless you for doing so man, because one of us is going to be right. That's the thing about the market. One of us is going to be right and I said, I was happy to eat crow if it went to $2 before it went to zero. But of course I knew it wasn't going to, I knew it was going to zero first. Sure enough, it got down to 3 cents -- under 3 cents a share. So ... all the things that you're watching for, and, and here's the thing that the promoters love the best, all of these shareholders [are] newbies, most likely, no clue what they're doing.

They're saying "I'm buying more ... maybe I'm putting everything into this. I'm going to be a zillionaire." And if it goes to zero ... promoters love to hear that, that people are not sellers, that they're only ... buyers because they... just keep loading them. These investors, these traders, .... they keep coming in and taking more position, more position at the behest of the promoters. And the promoters just keep filling their bids. It's just so typical of how they put these things together. So again, if it has a religious bent, they just keep saying how great it is, yet the market is not showing that ... things are coming together.

They say have faith and be patient and all these things that are just red flags to why this thing has never worked. And it [the stock] keeps going down. I mean, ... people lie, markets don't. And this is a perfect example of that, where the promoters most likely are lying. They were promoting it heavily and it just never panned out the way they said it was going to. So if you ever see this kind of pattern just continues to drift off yet, the promoters are saying about how great the company is, you know, for sure that ... there's something wrong and make sure that you respect your stops in companies like this.


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