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Turbo Trading Member Testimonial August 2020

By Ana G

With this message, Bob, I would like to thank you again for your support in the

most difficult times for me as a trader.

Thanks to you, I did not feel lonely and desperate and did not give up. I continued to look for my own path in trading. Now, two and a half years from the start point, I have found it. For several months now, my trading has been profitable. I swing trade earnings, short terms (5-10 days) and longer terms (to the next earnings).

If I start asking myself where all the basis things I know now come from, I understand how much I learned from you. The most valuable things, to be clear are:

  • Your brilliant mindset and calmness. It's so precious! As we all know that the right mindset is the core thing to succeed as a trader, yours one is the show-case of the trader's mindset how it should be. Your "happy voice" sounds in my head when I have a good trade.

  • Your "go with a trend, stay in a trade" mantra.

  • Your clear and clean charts

And so much more.

There are still a lot of "magic" things you do which I can admire but I am not capable to learn yet: for example that you predicted that secondary bullish market in 2020 when everybody turned bearish.

Your crystal ball is still working!

I keep in touch with you, following you on Twitter and YouTube.

All the best to you,

Ana G

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