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Video: GameStop $GME and Conspiracy Theories by Robert Knight

When a Reddit thread lead to the rise of GameStop $GME stock and left short sellers in a panic this week, was it a conspiracy? The president of, Robert Knight, offers his opinion and analysis in this video. "GameStop Stock $GME and Conspiracy Theories." How far will GameStop rise? What is happening? The video was posted on January 28, 2021, shortly before Robinhood restricted trade in $GME.

Amateur traders banded together on social media and created havoc in the stock market. Only the early adopters who pulled out of the stock early made a profit so far. The hedge funds that were shorting the stock lost big-time. Is it possible these amatuers could unintentionally break Security and Exchanges Commission rules? Which shorts might be targeted next? How do amateurs traders grow up? Through education. offers trading education through a monthly subscription that includes screensharing with experts, live trades, chat rooms, Stocks to Watch, Swing Trade Alerts, Market Recaps, and more. Sign up for a 1-week trial.

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