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Winning Stocks of the Week January 10 to 14, 2022

Turbo Trading's Head Trader Robert Knight, MBA, made a couple of good stock calls the week of January 10-14, 2022. This blog post has two of the winning calls with accompanying charts, annotated charts with commentary. The stocks are $BBLG and $BYNK. For more up-to-date stock information, become a member at Start with our one-week free trial!

Robert Knight, MBA called Stock $BBLG on January 4, 2022

$SE: Stock is free-falling, trading down to $242.65 on Friday. It closed at $254.07. Look to go short under $253 for trades down to $247 and $243.
$BBLG - nice winner for members as the stock surged from $4 entry to $6.78 for 70% gain! Here is what he said that morning: $BBLG - Surged to $5.49. Now $4.06. Support $3.75. Targets $4.50 and $5

Robert Knight, MBA called Stocks $BYND on January 7, 2022

$AHI: Recent new issue, the stock double bottomed at $3 last week. It popped on Wednesday and then flagged. Today it surged to $7.20. It closed at $5.70. Support $5.50. Through $6, look for $6.50 and $7 as targets.
$BYND - $67.25 entry. Stock tags our $69 target & trades to $73.33 in big short squeeze for a nice $6 gain. Here is what he said the night before - $BYND: Stock rebounded after a sell off yesterday. It traded to $68.75 and closed at $67.23. Support $67 & $66.50. Trade back to $68 & $69

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