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Are You Receiving Robert Knight's Trading Ideas Yet?


Busy Trader

  • Download the mobile app

  • Receive trading ideas and make your trades in one mobile app

  • Pick-and-choose which ideas to reveal

  • Act immediately using an "easy" button

  • Trade through major online brokers

  • Only pay for winners—$30 flat rate

Star Badge

Only Pay for Winners

  • No fee to view the trade— unless trade moves 5% or more. Then the fee is $30.

  • No subscription fee

  • No charge for trades you don't view or losing trades


Expert Oversight

  • Entries AND Exit alerts

  • Mr. Knight watches every trade and provides real-time updates as markets evolve


Seamless Execution

  • The app links to major brokerages: E*TRADE, TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers

  • Or, complete your trade outside of the app. Your choice.


Busy Trader

Patented Analytics

  • Auditable performance tracked on every idea provided

  • Ideas you followed vs. ideas you didn't follow

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